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Fee Schedule

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  • Jack Williams’ Hourly Billing Rate: $695.00 per hour.
  • Elizabeth Williams’ Hourly Billing Rate: $395.00 per hour.

Half-Day Session Fee

Jack and Elizabeth bill for time spent preparing for the mediation and for the mediation session at their respective, hourly rates.

All-Day Session Fee

In the event that the parties believe that it is necessary to reserve an All-Day session, due to the monetary value, number of parties involved, and/or the emotional or substantive complexity of the case, then the parties agree to be responsible for paying for a minimum of eight hours of mediation, plus any time spent in preparation. In the event that more than eight hours of mediation are necessary, the parties will be billed at the mediator’s normal, hourly rate for the additional time spent in mediation. There will be no discount for sessions that do not require the use of all eight hours guaranteed by the fee.

Cancellations and Continuances

Half-Day Session Cancellation/Continuance Fee Policy
Jack & Elizabeth bill the equivalent of a two-hour fee at their respective rates whenever a mediation is cancelled or continued ten business days or fewer before the scheduled mediation.

  • Cancellations: Most often, cases are cancelled and not rescheduled when the parties settle on their own without the intervention and assistance of a mediator.  While we encourage parties to seek voluntary settlements outside of mediation and outside of the litigation process, the cancellation fee will apply to all cancellations in which we are notified by telephone or in writing ten business days or fewer prior to the scheduled mediation session.
  • Continuances/Postponements:  Because parties book in advance, sometimes many months in advance, as the scheduled mediation date approaches, they realize that, for example, additional discovery needs to be done, that depositions need to be taken, or that they are still awaiting medical records or reports.  A fee will be billed according to the Half-Day or All-Day Session Policies, noted below, even if the parties intend to reschedule the mediation in the near future. If additional dates are necessary, our office asks that the initiating party take the lead on coordinating another mutually convenient date between the mediator, the attorneys, the clients and claims representatives. Williams & Williams will send a Rescheduled Confirming Letter once that mutually convenient date has been identified and reserved on calendar.

All-Day Session Cancellation/Continuance Fee Policy
Parties who reserve an all-day session are agreeing to be billed for a minimum of eight hours of mediation. In the event of a cancellation or continuance that occurs ten business days or fewer before the scheduled mediation the parties will be responsible for the full, eight-hour fee billed at the mediator’s hourly rate.

Cancellation/Continuance Fee Payment Responsibility
The cancellation/continuance fee will be billed to the party that requests the cancellation/postponement. We ask that the requesting party notify all parties of the cancellation/continuance request by voicemail and followed up in writing, either by facsimile or postal postal mail, at the same time that Williams & Williams is being notified. Emailed cancellations are NOT accepted. In some cases, (e.g. pre-mediation settlement) the parties agree to share equally in the cancellation/continuance fee. Please notify Williams & Williams of any fee-sharing arrangement.

Additional Options

Payment Policies

No Deposits/No Retainers

  • Williams & Williams Mediation does not collect deposits in order to secure a mediation session. Parties will be billed after the mediation session concludes for the mediator’s time spent preparing for and conducting the mediation session.


In Pro Persona/Self-Represented Parties’ Payment Policies

  • If the plaintiff/claimant is a self-represented party, Williams & Williams requests that the defense interests/respondents agree to advance the in pro persona/plaintiff/claimant’s share of the mediator’s fee.
  • If the parties involved in a mediation are self-represented/in pro persona, then each self-represented mediation participant will be asked to sign an In Pro Persona Agreement to Mediate Form that includes an acknowledgement of payment responsibility clause.
  • In Pro Persona Acknowledgement of Policies form


Mediation Fee Payment Responsibility

  • Williams & Williams will bill the parties for time spent preparing for and conducting the mediation session after the session has concluded.  Unless otherwise agreed upon during the mediation session, all attorneys representing clients at a mediation, all claims representatives or corporate representatives appearing without attorneys on behalf of an entity agree to be billed directly by Williams & Williams and to be responsible for tendering or forwarding their clients’ respective shares of the mediator’s fee to Williams & Williams within 30 days from the date of the invoice.
  • The mediators will not bill the clients directly, nor engage in collection activities directly with the clients.  The parties are presumed to agree to this billing policy, unless written notification of dissent is received by Williams & Williams and all other attorneys involved prior to the mediation session. 


Timeline and Instructions for Payment of Mediator’s Invoice

  • Invoices shall be processed within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Payment should be tendered to either Jack Williams or Elizabeth Williams, individually (please do not address checks to Williams & Williams Mediation). In some cases, Jack and Elizabeth will wait to bill cases that have been mediated, but not settled, until such time that the case has settled through telephone follow-up efforts. We reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 10% on all late or unpaid invoices after 60 days from the date of the original invoice. If a signed W-9 is required, please facsimile the request to 408-288-3860 and we will promptly return a signed copy.



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