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John R. (Jack) Williams




Plaintiffs’ Attorneys:

Santa Clara County:
“I cannot speak highly enough for John Williams’ knowledge of the mediation process, his fairness, his neutral temperament, and his ability to grasp key issues.  He is respected by the defense.  He gains the confidence of the parties, as well as the carrier representative for the defense.  He keeps the parties loose and has a keen insight into problem areas….He tells the plaintiff from the outset that he is going to settle his case, and he means it, because he did settle the case.  In my mind, he is the very best, and I am a plaintiffs’ attorney… . "

Respectfully yours,
William Clopton
San Jose, California


Other Counties:
“… You might wonder if a plaintiff’s attorney can trust a defense lawyer who has been practicing defense litigation for over  35 years, but in this case, you can.  Jack is the hardest working mediator we have ever used.  He just never gives up, and will not accept the fact that the case cannot be settled.  If the case does not settle at the scheduled mediation session, he follows up by phone until he gets resolution.  Even though the case may be scheduled with a settlement judge, or a settlement panel, or even the second round of settlement panels, Jack is always on the phone, always working on the case, never stops, and continues to be relentless in pursuit of the settlement.

During the mediation, Jack always seems to know what the real expectations are in the case.  He works to those, and routinely surpasses them.  Jack’s approach to the plaintiff is part of his success.  He takes a lot of time at the beginning, as well as throughout the mediation, to make the plaintiff feel  comfortable with him and with the format of the mediation.  Jack again spends time with the plaintiff at the end of the mediation so that the plaintiff feels that the settlement was reached fairly and with great consideration for the plaintiff.

… Jack has heard every conceivable reason why an insurance company doesn’t want to pay the plaintiff’s demand.  …  Over a period of three decades, Jack has gained a valuable knowledge of the amount of money that will settle a case.  This means that Jack is always ready to argue the defendant’s exposure (not just cost of defense) to those representatives and defense attorneys and home office personnel, and he always seems to get their ear.  Perhaps that is why he always seems to get that extra amount that exceeds the plaintiff’s (and plaintiff’s counsel’s) expectations.

I know that everyone who has employed Jack’s services as a mediator will agree with me that he is the best they have used.  But what I really like about the whole process, when Jack is the mediator, is that the defense attorneys call me the next day to tell me how much they enjoyed having Jack as the mediator, and how pleased they are with the fairness of the result that was obtained.  This makes everyone involved truly satisfied with the experience."

Sincerely yours,
Michael Edward Coke
Walnut Creek, California


“… I can state without reservation that your legal and mediation skills, coupled with your tenacious, yet, gracious temperament, was the primary contributor to the settlement of this litigation.  I am certain that your extensive experience and reputation as a litigator gave your efforts a level of credibility very few mediators bring to the table.  Please accept my personal thanks and appreciation for your constant efforts and the very positive result of those efforts.  Your candor and objectivity, as well as your skill in utilizing the ADR process, are of the highest level. … "

Richard J. Kahdeman
Westlake Village, California


Defense Attorneys:

“On behalf of my client and myself, we thank your for all the work you performed in mediating our case.  Your hard work and insight into the law and procedure, as well as into settlement negotiations, was a major factor in bringing this case to an out-of-court resolution.  In addition, you made it possible for the parties to spend time reflecting on their case and their respective positions without feeling pressured or hurried.  We appreciate your good work."

Very truly yours,
Henry G. Haddad
Los Angeles, California

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