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Scheduling & Confirmation

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  • All-Day
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    a Date
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  • Pre-Mediation

Half-Day Sessions

Jack Williams

  • Half-Day sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. for plaintiffs and 9:30 or 9:45 for defendants.


Elizabeth Williams

  • Half-Day sessions begin at 9:45 or 10:00 for plaintiffs and 10:30 for defendants.

All-Day Sessions

All-Day Sessions begin at the same time as Jack and Elizabeth’s Half-Day sessions. In the event that the parties believe that it is necessary to reserve an All-Day session, due to the emotional or substantive complexity of the case, then the parties agree to be responsible for paying for eight hours of mediation, plus any time spent in preparation. There will be no discount for sessions that do not require the use of all eight hours guaranteed by the fee. In the event that more than eight hours of mediation are necessary, the parties will be billed at the mediator’s normal, hourly rate for the additional time spent in mediation.

Request a Date

Step 1: Please complete the “Request a Date with Jack or Elizabeth” Form online or download the print version and submit it via email or facsimile (408-288-3860).

Email is the preferred method of communication for scheduling requests. If submitting via email, please include the case name and the words, “ Mediation Request” in the subject line (e.g. Smith v. Jones Mediation Request).


Step 2: The initiating party is responsible for contacting all mediation participants, communicating the available dates provided by Williams & Williams Mediation, and obtaining all parties’ availability on a mutually convenient date. The initiating party should then contact Williams & Williams Mediation via voicemail (408-288-3868x105), email, or facsimile (408-288-3860) regarding the preferred date.

While Williams & Williams Mediation will make every effort to accommodate the parties’ preferred dates, dates are offered out to other cases and are only secured when the parties have received a verbal or email confirmation from Williams & Williams Mediation.

Confirm a Date

Step 3: Once a preferred date has been identified and parties’ availability has been obtained, to secure the preferred mediation date on the Williams & Williams Mediation calendar, please complete the “Required Case and Contact Information” Form online or download the print version and submit it via email or facsimile (408-288-3860).

Step 4: All parties are presumed to agree to the policies set forth in the Agreement to Mediate. Any dissent to these policies, including, fee amounts and fee apportionment, MUST be expressed in a written statement to the mediator and to all parties.           

Step 5: Williams & Williams Mediation will send a confirming letter to all parties.  There is NO deposit or retainer due, prior to the scheduled session.

Pre-Mediation Paperwork:

Step 6: Please submit the following three (3) business days prior to the scheduled mediation date:

      • The Complaint, and
      • Your position statement/brief and any exhibits
                               (The exchange of briefs between parties is strongly encouraged).
      • The completed Confidential Questionnaire 
                               (Completion of this questionnaire is optional).


Preferred Delivery Methods: postal mail or facsimile.

Email Delivery: submissions of briefs/exhibits of less than 10 pages are acceptable. Please email the brief to admin@williamsmediation.com.

If greater than 10 pages in length or if there are less than three (3) days prior to the scheduled mediation session, briefs must be faxed or delivered via express mail to ensure receipt by the mediator.





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